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Looking for Honda Repairs? Enright Automotive is The Place to Go

Looking for Honda Repairs? Enright Automotive is The Place to Go | Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH. Image of Chris Enright checking and fixing a Honda car engine under the hood.

You have no shortage of options when finding an auto repair shop in Columbus and Alexandria, OH. In addition to the local Honda dealerships and service centers, there are several independent auto shops in the area. 

But if you’re looking for the best Honda repair services, you got a premier dealership alternative in Enright Automotive. Since we opened our doors, drivers have turned to us for fast and affordable Honda repair and maintenance services. 

Mulling whether to go to a dealership or our local shop? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose Enright Automotive. 

1. Unparalleled Customer Service

Your local Honda dealership works on hundreds of cars every month. Because of this, it’s not surprising many customers will feel they are just a number. But when you bring your vehicle to Enright Automotive, you will work directly with our mechanic, who will take utmost care of your vehicle.

With a huge focus on customer service, the independent mechanic at Enright Automotive answers to and is loyal to you. In contrast, the local dealership tends to be faithful to the manufacturer. Where do your needs fit into this equation?

2. Services of a Honda Car Specialist

One perk of going to a Honda service center is the staff composed of factory-trained Honda mechanics. They are skilled and have in-depth knowledge of Hondas (and Acuras). However, if you want dealership-quality auto repairs with customer-focused care, look at the resident mechanic at Enright Automotive. 

Shop owner Chris Enright, an experienced Honda mechanic himself, decided to leave the dealership. He left because he was fed up with the unfair treatment of customers.

3. Quality Replacement Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are usually better replacement parts for your vehicle. But this isn’t always the case. Dealerships and their manufacturers only offer expensive OEM parts. 

In contrast, when you visit an independent repair shop, it’s all about you. While independent garages can get OEM parts, they offer less expensive and even rebuilt parts. These parts perform at the same level as OEM parts for less cost. 

When you visit Enright Automotive, you will receive unbiased guidance in choosing OEM or aftermarket parts for your vehicle. In either case, it’s all about you and doing what’s best for your situation.

4. Best-in-Class Warranty on Honda Repairs

We also offer a best-in-class 3-year/36,000-mile TechNet nationwide warranty. The coverage may include hotel stays, car rental, and towing. In contrast, local dealerships or franchise auto repair centers usually only offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Get Dealership-Quality Honda Repair Services in Alexandria, OH

According to a 2014 Consumer Report survey, independent mechanics (like Enright Automotive) ranked higher than dealerships in an array of areas, including quality, customer satisfaction, price, on-time repairs, and courteousness. 

Enright Automotive is not just any independent mechanic or local shop, though. We thrive on getting to know you and your needs as our customers. We value transparency, honesty, and integrity. And we offer services at par with Honda dealerships—at a fair price. 

Contact Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH today by calling (614) 604-2806 or completing our online form. Our shop is located at 7933 Jug St., Alexandria, OH 43001.


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If your Honda or Acura needs repair or maintenance, you have many options in Alexandria, OH and nearby areas. But if you want the best service laden with transparency, integrity, and honesty, Enright Automotive should be your next stop! Our shop is located at 7933 Jug St, Alexandria, OH 43001.