Digital Inspections & Diagnostics in Alexandria, OH

At Enright Automotive, we use advanced equipment to quickly and accurately perform diagnostics and inspections on Hondas, Acuras, and other Japanese cars and domestic vehicles. We leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, digital inspection software, and our mechanic’s expertise to provide you with the best-in-class auto repair services in Alexandria, OH.

Enright Automotive Utilizes Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

Image of scanner and diagnostics tool. Concept image of vehicle diagnostics and digital inspections at Enright Automotive.

At Enright Automotive, we’re done with paper reports. Our complimentary digital vehicle inspection (DVI) service includes videos and photos we can send you through text or email. Once we have completed the inspection, you will receive an easy-to-read electronic report. 

Because we use advanced DVI technology, you will stay informed throughout the process. You can easily understand what’s wrong with your car from home, the office, or wherever you may be.

We Perform Vehicle Diagnostics in Alexandria, OH

The inspection process involves a computerized analysis of your vehicle. By connecting our diagnostic equipment to your onboard computer, we can quickly and efficiently scan car issues and key components, including:

We’ll go over the findings with you and explain whether repairs are badly needed, must be done at the earliest convenience, or can be done later. 

While diagnostic tests have their merits, they should only be done when necessary, as these tests can be costly. As a vehicle owner, you should get the tests that can sufficiently resolve your problem. Thus, we recommend diagnostics if your vehicle has a specific issue that’s hard to address.

Closeup image of shop owner Chris Enright on a rolling bed under a lifted car that's under repair. Concept image of Honda and Acura repair and preventative maintenance at Enright Automotive.

Moreover, if diagnostic tests are done as part of routine maintenance, they may not always detect all the critical issues as they’re trying to cover lots of ground. But if the test is focused on a specific problem, it can provide more accurate results and help resolve the issue more quickly.

Save Time & Money with Diagnostics and Digital Inspection

At Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH, we leverage diagnostics and DVI tools to save our customers time and money. For starters, performing a digital inspection is quick. More so, the diagnostic process can save you money by detecting minor issues before they snowball into major repairs. 

In most instances, proactively replacing parts is cheaper than waiting until parts fail. The latter often results in a minor part causing damage to a more expensive component, such as the transmission or engine.

Here’s an example. Suppose your check engine light is on. The diagnostics tool can determine the trouble code, but further testing may be needed to solve the issue. Your mechanic can determine the best way to address the issue.

Contact Enright Automotive for Diagnostics & Digital Inspection in Alexandria, OH

At Enright Automotive, we’d like to make sure you will fully understand what’s wrong with your car. 

You don’t need to stop by our shop immediately to hear our inspection findings. We can send you the photos and videos in advance. Moreover, when your vehicle is acting differently, our diagnostics tools can quickly get down to the source. 

Contact us today by calling (614) 604-2806 or completing this form. Our shop is located at 7933 Jug St., Alexandria, OH 43001.