About Us

Enright Automotive is your one-stop shop for high-quality auto repair and maintenance. We service Honda, Acura, other Japanese cars, and domestic vehicles. Because of our dedication to excellence, we stand behind every auto repair with a best-in-class 3-year/36,000-mile TechNet nationwide warranty

We invite you to experience the world-class services you and your car deserves! Our shop is located in Alexandria, OH, but we regularly welcome customers from Columbus, OH and nearby areas.


The History of Enright Automotive

After spending nearly a decade working in dealers and independent shops, owner and founder Chris Enright gained invaluable experience as a Honda and Acura mechanic. While much of his experience was pleasant, he noticed one glaring problem—he was frustrated at the poor and dishonest treatment of customers at dealerships.

Enright Automotive shop owner Chris Enright with wife and kids. Also in the image are shop tools and a white car in the background.
“I started my shop out of frustration. I was frustrated from working at the Honda dealership and seeing how customers were flat-out being lied to. More so, I was frustrated by not being treated like a human or being heard. Whether it was being urged to suggest repairs a customer didn’t need or not being transparent about the extent of damage, I found myself laying awake at night thinking I can do this better…much better.”

– Chris Enright, Owner

In February 2020, that’s exactly what Chris did when he decided to open his own shop. Since its humble beginnings, Enright Automotive has quickly become the preferred facility for Acura and Honda repairs in Alexandria, OH and nearby areas. 

Unlike the dealerships or local Firestone centers, Chris prides himself on educating his customers and providing unrivaled transparency and client-focused services. 

Moreover, he stresses the importance of preventative maintenance to avoid more expensive repairs. While other shops in the area are about maximizing every opportunity, Chris looks to build lifelong relationships with his customers.


At Enright Automotive, Transparency is the Norm— Not the Exception

Knowing you need your car repaired can be overwhelming, even intimidating. But at Enright Automotive, we are on a mission to transform the auto repair process. And we believe in being as transparent as possible.

Every time you bring your vehicle to Enright Automotive, we perform a digital vehicle inspection (DVI). We’ll walk you through the entire DVI report so you’ll understand your car’s issues and arrive at the best decisions. 

Suppose we determine your vehicle needs additional repairs. In that case, we’ll discuss with you if these repairs aren’t urgent and can wait, should be done at your earliest convenience, or must be done immediately. 

We also leverage a digital estimating system that lets us transparently go over the pricing through email or phone. And during this discussion, we encourage you to ask questions. 

We pride ourselves on our uncanny ability to explain even the most complex and challenging repairs in a way you can easily grasp.

More importantly, you’ll never see any unexpected charges or extra parts without your approval — that’s Enright Automotive’s promise.

Image of a scanner diagnostics tool and an open hood of a car. Concept image of vehicle diagnostics and digital vehicle inspection at Enright Automotive.

Looking for the Best Japanese Auto Repair in Alexandria, OH?

If you’re looking for transparency, honesty, and integrity from your mechanic, Enright Automotive has got you covered. We are proud to be a top-notch auto repair center in Alexandria, OH, and nearby areas. We offer various repairs and maintenance services for Hondas, Acuras, Japanese, and domestic vehicles

Experience the Enright Automotive difference. Call us at (614) 604-2806, and complete this online form. Our shop is conveniently located at 7933 Jug St., Alexandria, OH 43001.