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Meet Chris Enright, the driving force behind Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH. With a steadfast dedication to exceptional Japanese auto repair, Chris has spent years honing his skills and building a reputation as a trusted expert in the industry. As the proud owner of Enright Automotive, he has created a one-stop destination for car enthusiasts and owners seeking top-quality repair and maintenance for their prized Japanese vehicles.

But Chris’s passion for Japanese automobiles extends far beyond the walls of his workshop. A true aficionado, he eagerly shares his knowledge and love for these remarkable machines through his engaging presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By offering valuable insights, helpful tips, and fascinating stories about the world of Japanese auto repair, Chris has quickly amassed a dedicated following of fellow enthusiasts.

Chris’s expertise has also caught the attention of prominent automotive industry podcasts, where he’s often invited to share his in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the auto repair industry. These featured appearances have only helped solidify his status as a respected authority within the community.

If you’re looking for the latest updates, news, and insights from the world of Japanese auto repair, look no further than Chris Enright and Enright Automotive. Be sure to follow him on social media and tune in to his podcast appearances for a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. And, of course, if you’re in the Alexandria area and need expert care for your Japanese vehicle, Enright Automotive is the place to be.

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Changing The Industry Podcast

In this captivating video, join Chris Enright, owner of Enright Automotive, as he teams up with esteemed automotive experts of Changing the Industry Podcast, David Roman and Lucas Underwood, to explore the power of short-form content in marketing your auto repair shop and fostering a thriving community around your business.

Together, these industry veterans will divulge valuable strategies for crafting compelling content that highlights your auto repair expertise and fosters trust among prospective clients.


Additionally, the trio will tackle the age-old question many expanding shops face: should you prioritize hiring a Customer Service Representative (CSR) or a technician first?

Don’t miss this insightful discussion featuring Chris Enright and his fellow automotive aficionados.