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Fixing a Broken Sliding Door Cable in 2011-2017 Honda Odysseys

Hondas are among the most reliable vehicles on the road. Even so, a Honda is still mechanical equipment with around 30,000 parts and will eventually need Honda repair. Fortunately, the Honda repair expert at Enright Automotive can help.

One often overlooked but common problem we see on Honda Odysseys released between 2011 and 2017 is the sliding door cable snapping. Let’s explore this issue of broken door cables. 

White Honda Odyssey with sliding door open. Concept image of “Fixing a Broken Sliding Door Cable in 2011-2017 Honda Odysseys” | Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH.

What Causes the Honda Odyssey’s Sliding Door Cable to Snap?

The sliding door on your Honda Odyssey is an integral feature. The sliding door and assembly allow you and your passengers to enter and exit the van with ease. 

Over time, the sliding door cable can snap. This problem may be associated with or accompanied by other sliding door fixtures failing. For example, when the bearings go bad, it can place additional strain on the cables, causing them to snap.

The Cost of the Sliding Door Cable Replacement

Unfortunately, repairing a broken sliding door cable can be expensive due to the cost of parts and labor required. According to RepairPal, the national average cost for a Honda Odyssey power sliding door motor replacement can be in the $1,200 range. 

While you can purchase the center roller and cables by themselves, these components cost about the same as the entire slide door motor, which includes the cable, roller, and other components. Because of this, we regularly advise clients to replace the entire assembly.

Can I Replace the Sliding Door Cable Myself?

Yes. But just because you can replace the sliding door cable yourself doesn’t mean you should. Repairing the sliding door cable is complex and should only be performed by an experienced Honda mechanic. Attempting to DIY can lead to more damage and greater costs. 

To give you an idea of the complexity of the process, here are the main steps involved with repairing the power sliding door and cable. 

  • To get started, completely open and remove the interior trim panels. Then remove the interior quarter panel and other parts, such as rear seats, door glass, and rear fan assembly.
  • The inner door shell may include a mounting panel with several other parts attached, such as cables, actuators, motors, window regulators, and more. Once these parts are disassembled, the Honda sliding door motor, cable, and assembly should be accessible. 
  • Detach the motor from the wiring harness, remove the drive cable, and detach all fasteners holding the assembly in place.
  • Once everything is stripped down, the new motor, roller bearings, and cables are mounted and properly attached. Then, all of the parts are to be properly replaced. 
  • The final step is to use approved equipment to run the door through a Honda relearning process and complete the assembly. 

From start to finish, this Honda repair can take several hours and is very labor-intensive.

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