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Buying or Selling a Used Car? Maintenance Matters More Than Mileage

Buying or Selling a Used Car? Maintenance Matters More Than Mileage | Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH. Image of two male friends in casual clothes, with guy on the right helping the guy on the left check the condition of a used red car before purchasing..

While the infectious smell of a new car may attract buyers, the rising costs make them unattainable for many. At the end of November 2022, the average price of a full-size car was $46,337, while the average price for a full-size pickup truck was a staggering $64,380. Because of these costs, many buyers choose to purchase used and affordable vehicles.

When choosing a pre-owned or used car, truck, or SUV that’s up for sale, one must look at several considerations. One often-overlooked indicator that can impact a used vehicle’s longevity is whether it’s maintained properly. 

Let’s explore why preventative maintenance may be more important than mileage when looking for a used or pre-owned vehicle.

Which Is More Important When Buying a Used Vehicle: Mileage or Maintenance?

A vehicle with more miles is believed to have more wear and tear. However, a car with 60,000 miles may even be in worse condition than another car with 150,000 mileage. How come? 

A car, truck, or SUV was made to be driven; that’s a fact. But if you rarely drive them, their parts will become brittle and more likely to break. This shows that low mileage doesn’t always equate to a better vehicle. Thus, a vehicle that’s both low in mileage and poorly maintained will have more problems down the line. 

In contrast, a well-maintained, high-mileage vehicle will be a more reliable bet. This is because preventative maintenance is about replacing certain parts before they can cause more damage. And timely maintenance can also prevent untimely, more expensive repairs.

Moreover, vehicles nowadays are now built to be driven more. Today’s Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, and Lexus vehicles are notorious for notching 300,000 miles—if they’re properly maintained. 

The newer technologies of these modern vehicles help them go for much longer without significant issues. As they can now be driven longer, mileage has become less of an issue. 

Selling a Used Vehicle? Some Maintenance Tips to Maximize Resale Value

Maintenance will not only keep your vehicle running well. It can also maximize the resale value, which is a welcome feature if you want to sell your old car. Here are a few tips to protect your vehicle:

  • Follow the suggested maintenance schedule. These pieces of information are stipulated in the owner’s manual. 
  • Find a trustworthy and reliable mechanic. As trust is paramount in every relationship, it’s vital to find a reliable mechanic you can trust in Alexandria, OH.
  • Always have oil changes performed on schedule. You should also pay attention to other services like tire rotations, fluid changes (like brakes and transmission), and engine tuneups.
  • Keep your maintenance records. When you sell your vehicle, you can use these as proof to justify a high asking price. 

Enright Automotive Offers Preventative Maintenance & Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Alexandria, OH

Just as “orange is the new black,” preventative maintenance is the new “mileage” for determining an old vehicle’s longevity and continued serviceability. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a used car, we at Enright Automotive can help. 

When buying a used vehicle, we can help with the pre-purchase inspection to help you make an informed decision. If we consistently see excessively worn parts, it’s clear the vehicle owner needs to be more proactive with maintenance. 

If you’re looking for someone to maintain your vehicle in Alexandria, OH, you can count on us, too. We offer various maintenance services for Honda, Acura, and other vehicles.

Contact Enright Automotive today by calling (614) 604-2806 or completing this online form. Our shop is located at 7933 Jug St., Alexandria, OH 43001.


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