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Skipping Factory-Recommended Maintenance: The Consequences You Need to Know

Car maintenance, also known as factory-recommended maintenance, comprises the services your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests at specific intervals. Typically, manufacturers offer two schedules: one for regular driving conditions and another for more severe driving conditions. Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH, is your go-to destination for top-notch car maintenance. We also offer digital vehicle inspection reports that detail your vehicle’s condition and any upcoming repairs that may be needed.

Skipping factory-recommended maintenance has several negative consequences, including:

Car maintenance at Enright Automotive in Alexandria OH

1. Increases Repair Costs

People often postpone or entirely ignore routine maintenance for various reasons, such as cost and seeing it as an inconvenience to bring their vehicle to a service center. However, the cost of preventive maintenance is significantly lower than the hefty repair bills you’ll incur if you neglect your vehicle.

For instance, would you rather spend less than $100 on a regular oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or potentially pay thousands for a new engine? Most Americans drive between 13,000 to 15,000 miles per year, necessitating only two to three oil changes annually. In the long run, spending under $300 is more economical than facing a repair bill in the thousands due to engine failure.

2. Reduces Fuel Efficiency

Overlooking maintenance can lead to decreased fuel efficiency. Old oil loses its lubricating properties, thereby increasing resistance in engine components and requiring more fuel to operate. Worn-out spark plugs and low tire pressure also contribute to less efficient fuel consumption.

3. Compromises Your Safety

Components like brakes, tires, suspension, and steering gradually wear down over time. Ignoring routine maintenance means these critical parts won’t be replaced when needed, increasing your risk of accidents.

4. Reduces Vehicle Reliability

While taking your car in for factory-recommended maintenance might seem bothersome, the inconvenience pales in comparison to breaking down unexpectedly. Ignoring essential services like oil changes and fluid checks makes your vehicle less reliable and more prone to malfunction.

5. Accelerates Wear and Tear

Neglecting maintenance tasks can lead to accelerated wear and tear on various vehicle components. For example, if you notice your brakes squealing but choose to ignore them, by the time they start grinding and lose effectiveness, you’ve already compromised the rotors to a point where they can no longer be turned. Resurfacing rotors is typically more cost-effective than replacing them outright. Additionally, you risk overextending the brake calipers, which can be a costly component to replace.

Similarly, dirty oil is laden with carbon and dirt particles that act like sandpaper against your engine’s cylinder walls. This abrasive action will accelerate the wear on both the piston rings and cylinder walls, eventually leading to increased oil consumption by your engine. These are just a couple of instances that highlight the increased wear and tear resulting from neglected vehicle maintenance.

6. Voids Warranties

Many manufacturers will void warranties if you do not do the factory-recommended maintenance. If they don’t void the whole warranty, they will refuse to pay if no maintenance causes the breakdown. For example, if you don’t do oil changes and the engine locks up, the manufacturer warranty may not pay to repair or replace the engine.

7. Decreases Resale Value

Lastly, failing to keep up with scheduled maintenance can significantly reduce your vehicle’s resale value. Inability to demonstrate a well-maintained vehicle history makes it challenging to recoup a larger portion of your initial investment when selling. Potential buyers are wary of purchasing vehicles that lack proper care, as such cars pose a higher risk of mechanical failure.

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