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Why Don’t Mechanics Give Over-the-Phone Quotes for Auto Repair?

So you want a quote over the phone for brake repairengine repair, or another auto repair? If so, you’re not alone. While this is a common scenario, most mechanics with training and skill would decline to provide you with the over-the-phone quote. And there are several reasons why.

Let’s see why Enright Automotive avoids providing over-the-phone automotive quotes and always requires a physical inspection. If you need assistance, contact Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH for the best automotive repairs.

Physical Inspection at Enright Automotive with the Mechanics

Every Vehicle Is Different requires a Physical Inspection

Enright Automotive offers fast and affordable Honda and Acura auto repair services. Even though our head mechanic is factory-trained and knows Hondas and Acuras like the back of his hand, he also knows that no two vehicles are identical. Specifically, the condition of your vehicle can hinge on several factors, such as:

  • How many previous accidents you’ve had,
  • How well you maintain your vehicle,
  • The way you drive,
  • Where you drive,
  • And more.

Each facet can directly impact how long it takes to repair your vehicle, the replacement parts required, and the costs. As such, it’s virtually impossible and irresponsible to provide over-the-phone quotes on automotive repairs. A physical inspection is the only way to assess and provide an accurate quote.

The Trouble Code Alone Isn't Enough

If you’ve purchased a code scanner or taken your vehicle to an auto parts store to have the codes read, this is only the beginning of car diagnostics. Unfortunately, many drivers follow this course of action whenever issues arise, such as a Check Engine Light. The problem with this pseudo-car diagnosing practice is it usually only uncovers the symptoms. This is problematic because several automotive problems can all trigger the same code.

The only way a mechanic can provide an accurate quote for how much the auto repair will cost is by accurately diagnosing the problem. And the only way to accurately diagnose the problem is through a physical inspection. For example, if cylinder number 6 is misfiring, it can be caused by a dozen issues. However, a code reader will only reveal a misfire. You will require a more intensive physical inspection to understand why your engine is misfiring.

You Get What You Pay For

Your vehicle is the second-largest purchase you’ll likely make in your lifetime, which makes it a substantial investment. Even so, many drivers in Alexandria, OH look to cut all corners and save every penny when protecting their investment. Oftentimes, when people call around to get an auto repair quote over the phone, they are looking for the cheapest solution.

If this explains to you, remember, you get what you pay for! While going with the cheapest option may make sense today, you may pay exponentially more for it down the road. Choosing an auto repair facility based solely on the cheapest price means you are probably sacrificing quality. To provide rock-bottom prices, the auto repair center often uses inferior fluids, cheaper replacement parts, and unskilled or inexperienced mechanics. In many instances, the cheapest auto repair solution can lead to misdiagnosis and more expensive repair costs.

The best solution is to have your vehicle properly diagnosed through a comprehensive physical inspection and repaired by an experienced, certified auto repair mechanic. While you may potentially pay more today, you will extend the life of your vehicle and drive your family around with greater peace of mind, knowing all work to the highest standards.

Contact Enright Automotive for Expert Car Diagnosing and Repairs in Alexandria, OH

At Enright Automotive, we rarely —if ever— offer over-the-phone auto repair quotes. Instead, every auto repair service starts with a full and comprehensive physical inspection. As a part of our diagnosing, our mechanic will utilize your feedback, vehicle diagnostics performance, and visual inspection to understand the problem with the highest level of certainty. Because we are certain of the skill of our mechanic and the quality of our repairs, we stand behind all work performed at Enright Automotive with a best-in-class 3-year/36,000-mile TechNet nationwide warranty.

Contact Enright Automotive! Call us at 614-604-2806, visit us at 7933 Jug St in Alexandria, OH, or complete our online contact form.


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