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Diagnostic Tools: A Nifty Way to Diagnose & Repair Honda Brakes

Today’s modern vehicles are loaded with technologically advanced features. The majority of these features are fundamental to the performance of your Honda.

If one of the sensors detects a problem, it will often trigger a warning or trouble code, illuminating a light on the dashboard. Because of this, it’s vital to have the right electronic diagnostic tools to diagnose trouble codes accurately.

Close up image of the Snap-On Apollo-D9 scanner. Concept image of “Diagnostics Tools: A Nifty Way to Diagnose & Repair Hondas” | Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH.

But that’s just the beginning. More advanced diagnostic tools can do much more. For instance, many Honda cars and trucks require a diagnostic scan tool to retract the parking brake and adjust the caliper before or after brake pad and rotor replacements.

At Enright Automotive, we’ve invested in the latest and most advanced diagnostic tools to perform your brake repairs. Let’s take a quick look at two of the tools we use to diagnose and perform Honda brake repairs:

A Quick Review of the MaxiIM Autel IM608

At Enright Automotive in Alexandria, OH, we’ve invested in the MaxiIM IM608 PRO or the Autel IM608. This system is one of the most advanced and unique systems. In addition to being an all-in-one key programming tool, the Autel IM608 offers an array of diagnostic solutions in an easy-to-use Android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet. 

It includes two high-performance abilities:

  • The Autel IM608 features the XP400 Pro key programmer that reads/writes and learns keys to the vehicle.
  • The MaxiFlash ECU programmer offers users convenient PC communication and ECU reprogramming capabilities on virtually any modern vehicle.

The IM608 PRO offers you an array of functions to quickly diagnose most vehicles on the market.

A Quick Review of the Snap-On Apollo-D9

With Apollo D9, you no longer have to hunt through different forums and endlessly search for answers. This powerful diagnostics tool provides everything you’ll need to make the right repair the first time. 

The Apollo D9 offers automotive coverage as far back as 1983 for 48 different Asian, European, and domestic brands. As a bonus, the Apollo D9 offers access to Fast Track Intelligent Diagnostics for filtered vehicle-specific data and codes. 

The Apollo D9 can help remedy an array of issues, including:

  • Fluid capacities
  • Multi-Code problems
  • Drivability issues
  • Removal and replacement of components
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Maintenance resets

Are Diagnostic Tools Required for Honda Repairs & Brake Services?

While a diagnostic scan tool may not be required for every Honda brake repair, it makes life easier. The best way to perform an auto repair is with tools like the Autel MaxiIM IM 608 or Apollo D9. 

These high-performance solutions will quickly connect to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. In addition to pulling codes, these tools can instruct it to perform certain functions, which are key for certain brake repairs.

Fortunately, most diagnostic tools used to retrieve trouble codes are inexpensive. But if you want a diagnostic tool to do more, it can be very cost-prohibitive. 

For example, the Autel MaxiIM IM608 can run north of $3,500, while the Apollo D9 has an MSRP of $5,280.00. However, even the best tools can’t replace years of experience and knowledge of automotive repairs.

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When it comes to Honda repair, especially with brakes, time is money. While you may be able to develop work around not having professional-grade diagnostic tools, it will take you exponentially longer. 

Instead, drivers in Alexandria, OH and nearby areas have consistently turned to Enright Automotive. As the best and most reliable auto repair center in Alexandria, OH, we specialize in servicing Honda, Acuraother Japanese vehicles, and more. 

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